On Tuesday 25 June 2024, we welcomed the choir from St Thomas Cantilupe Primary School for a special Evensong. Following a short rehearsal in the cathedral with Geraint Bowen, director of music, the choir of 47 pupils from years 2 to 6 took to the plinth alongside the cathedral’s 18 choristers to sing the evening service.

The pupils of St Thomas Cantilupe warm up with Geraint Bowen in the cathedral

Geraint Bowen said, “We were delighted to welcome the children of St Thomas Cantilupe to sing Evensong with us this week. They rose superbly to the challenge of singing in such a large and unfamiliar building with little rehearsal time, and sang with such commitment and passion. It was wonderful to be a part of the experience and we are grateful to the school's headteacher Claire McKeown, school staff and the children's families for their enthusiastic support, as well as David Evans and Megan Jones who have worked with the singers for several months in preparation for this visit.’

The choristers of Hereford Cathedral join the choir of St Thomas Cantilupe in rehearsals

The special Evensong is part of a project to give more access and opportunities to young people to have the experience of singing in the cathedral. 

You can hear a snippet of The Lord is my Shepherd (Goodall) recorded in the service below: