This small but growing selection of digital resources is designed to enhance our traditional lending and reference collections.


The Prayer and Worship section of The Church of England website includes in its ‘Worship texts and resources’ area links to liturgical resources from both Common Worship and the Book of Common Prayer. Within this ‘The liturgical year’ section includes the calendar, which lists the Seasons and Holy Days, and the dates of Easter etc. up to 2035.

Textweek – ‘the text this week’ is a site brought together by one dedicated person, Jenee Woodard, which offers a wide variety of resources for Bible study and liturgy based on the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary cycle. Although not up-to-date, the cycles for years A, B and C (2019/20 = A, 2020/21 = B, 2021/22 = C) can be followed. There are links to texts in a variety of translations, images and a scripture index.


Christian living

Deathlife is a project of the Diocese of Oxford, exploring issues around death and providing Christian resources for living well in the light of mortality. Its ‘Living well’ section includes resources for meditation and Bible study, including well-chosen selections of music, art and poetry, and directions on how to build your own prayer walk.

Green Christian  is a magazine published by Christian Ecology Link. You can read a selection of articles from the current issue and download entire back issues. Its ‘Resources’ section includes monthly prayer guides for the care of Creation.

Radical Presence is a new project of Green Christian seeking to build groups who will use online tools to engage ‘in creative enquiry both prayerful and critical, about the kind of society we want to build as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic’.

The LOGOS Project is a video series presenting global faith leaders offering their expertise on theological, practical and spiritual subjects. These videos are free and available for any person or congregation for personal or teaching opportunities.


Church History

Lambeth Palace Library, which includes the Church of England Record Centre, has a vast collection of materials on the history of the Church of England. Its ‘Luna’ digitised collections include books and manuscripts you can look at page by page.


News and views

The Church Times allows you to read four articles or view four podcasts per month free of charge. You can also register to receive a free email news bulletin.


Do you have a favourite resource that would make a good addition to this list? Please email [email protected] with suggestions.