A Message from the Dean

Hereford Cathedral has, for centuries, played a key role in the life of our diocese and county.

Today that role is even more important as the cathedral provides a focus for the spiritual and cultural life of our area.

At the heart of the many communities that use the cathedral is the regular worshipping congregation, which gathers daily and weekly. Living mainly locally, this congregation see the cathedral as its spiritual home and supports the wider work of this great church.

In addition to support through prayer and worship, we need very much the generous support of our congregation and others from the wider community through regular giving. This giving is needed to administer and develop the work of the cathedral, as well to meet the constant need to restore and maintain the fabric of this ancient and beautiful building, and to safeguard our choral heritage.

The cathedral relies entirely on visitors and its regular congregation to maintain its life and work. If you wish to donate towards our work please contact:

Mrs Carolyn Harding
Stewardship Recorder
The Cathedral Office
5 College Cloisters

01432 374221

I am very grateful for all your generous help.