Christian Stewardship: A Message from the Dean

Hereford Cathedral has borne witness to the Christian faith for over 1300 years. Far from simply being an ancient building, it is a living, vibrant community, with a large and lively congregation involved in many aspects of its life and ministry.

At the heart of all that we do in this beautiful church is the worship of God enriched by a long tradition of music at the highest level and a commitment to learning and heritage for all. This brings with it immense financial responsibilities.

A major element in support of our work is the pledged, regular giving of money by members of our congregation and others with a care for the place. Their contribution towards our day to day running costs helps us in so many ways, ranging from the continuing need to maintain the fabric of this very special building to the safeguarding of our musical heritage. It means too that we make no entry charge for visitors, reflecting the free grace of God who welcomes everyone.

We encourage all who would wish to give regularly to the cathedral, to do so via the ‘Parish Giving Scheme’. This is a simple, centrally managed, method of giving adopted by an increasing proportion of the Church of England. It enables donations to be made with the protection of the Direct Debit Guarantee and makes Gift Aid, where applicable, easier and quicker to collect. Donations can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, and all donations are passed without deduction to the donor's chosen church. It also offers donors the option to increase automatically their gift annually in line with inflation. Use of the ‘Parish Giving Scheme’ also reduces the administration for the cathedral, and assists budgeting by making giving more predictable.


For more information about regular giving in support of our work, please contact:

Canon Barry Forrester

The Cathedral Office

5 College Cloisters



Tel: 01432 374200

Email: [email protected]