On Monday 27 January, the contractors working on the Eastern Cloisters Project (supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund) discovered a selection of bones whilst clearing a roof space within the Cloisters. They immediately notified the Buildings and Properties Manager of Hereford Cathedral who followed the correct procedure and notified the local police of the discovery.

The bones were found in an unexpected area of the building project alongside other items, including clothing. Due to their location and appearance, the bones were investigated by the police and a number of experts, including a pathologist, to determine whether or not they were human remains.

Upon closer investigation it was determined that the bones in fact were animal, not human. They also confirmed that the bones had been in place within the Cloister for several centuries.

We would like to thank the local police and the local CID for their support in this potentially sensitive matter and our contractors, I J Preece for the consideration and care shown during this process.

Now all that remains is for our research and archive teams to speculate as to how and why the animal bones were stored in the roof space!

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