Hereford Cathedral has been supported over the centuries by the gifts of those who have loved this place and its music. The very stones of the building bare testament to their generosity, while the choir still benefits from funds given in mediaeval times to support the education of the choristers.

The Perpetual Trust was founded in the mid 1990s to look to the future and to help ensure that there is funding available to support the ongoing restoration of the cathedral, secure the financial security of the choir and to support the Chapter with other projects. These have ranged from the restoration of the historic Willis organ and the regeneration of the Cathedral Close through to the funding of education open days and the development of the Tudor and Pilgrimage workshops for schools groups.

Each year the Trust needs to raise a minimum of £500,000, although through the generosity of so many in excess of £14 million has been raised or unlocked.

I forgot everything but the voices of the choir, echoing, it seemed, from above the high altar:   I saw nothing but the little flushes of pink and blue falling on the stone through the stained windows. The organ of Hereford … is, as it should be, the voice of the cathedral; its calm sweetness places a hand over the spirit; and in this church, with the organ whispering through the aisles, the world and its problems seem over the hills of reality.

H V Morton, In search of England