The Dean has prepared a visual journey through Holy Week: an image for each day from within the cathedral, together with a reflection and prayer. We will the daily reflections onto our website each morning.

Wednesday in Holy Week

Our 700th anniversary for our saint, Thomas of Hereford, has turned out rather differently than expected, and many of the events planned have had to be cancelled or postponed. But the spirit of our anniversary stands – and that is the healing that is at the very heart of our saint’s story.

Our image shows an artist’s impression of pilgrims approaching the shrine to find that healing.

On this day, Wednesday in Holy Week, many cathedrals would have been celebrating the Chrism Eucharist (we do this on Maundy Thursday). This service is attended by clergy and laity and involves the renewal of vows for ministry. Also in the service is the dedication of oils, to be used in ministry in the coming year:

- the oil of baptism

- the oil to be used for the anointing of the sick and dying

- the oil of chrism to be used at Confirmation and Ordinations.

Today is a day for praying for the healing which only God can give.  But let us remember, that we can be agents and channels of that healing –especially at this time -  through the kind and loving word – through keeping in touch –through assuring others of our prayer and encouragement.

I love these words of an anthem we sometimes hear sung in the cathedral:

In the hour of my distress,

When temptations me oppress,

And when I my sins confess,

   Sweet Spirit comfort me!


When I lie within my bed,

Sick in heart and sick in head,

And with doubts discomforted,

   Sweet Spirit comfort me!


When the house doth sigh and weep,

And the world is drowned in sleep,

Yet mine eyes the watch do keep,

   Sweet Spirit comfort me!


Robert Herrick  1591-1674   Litany to the Holy Spirit

To listen to the Dean's musical journey through Holy Week, recorded by our cathedral choir, and with a commentary and introduction please click here.