The Dean has prepared a visual journey through Holy Week: an image for each day from within the cathedral, together with a reflection and prayer. We will the daily reflections onto our website each morning.

The Paschal Vigil

One part of Holy Week we shall miss greatly is the Easter Vigil, which we share with our friends from St Francis Xavier – a wonderful ecumenical sharing which we’ve enjoyed for the past 17 years.   This year, we would have gathered at St Francis Xavier for the readings and then processed along Broad Street to the west end of the cathedral, there to light the new fire.  Into the cathedral with our lighted candles, the cavernous nave is a glow of warmth and light.  Later, we renew out Baptism Vows together – Anglicans and Catholics – a wonderful realisation of our common life in the risen Christ.

This is our faith

We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Finally, we part within the cathedral for our own Eucharist, longing for the day when we can share the Sacrament together.  But we enjoy together what we can and come together at the end to proclaim the risen Christ.


He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

To listen to the Dean's musical journey through Holy Week, recorded by our cathedral choir, and with a commentary and introduction please click here.