Some members of the cathedral family have contributed to the purchasing of an Anglo-Saxon-themed cross, currently in the south transept.  It was made by Eunice Bell, a student at Hereford College of Arts, and featured in last December’s Crafting the Cathedral exhibition here. 

Eunice studied the decorative elements of the Hereford Gospels, and the design of the cross and its shaft refer to those.  The brass roundels represent the seven ‘I am…’ sayings of Jesus in St John’s Gospel (the Light of the World, the Good Shepherd, the Bread of Life, and so on). The cross can be viewed from either side, both cross-head and roundels being decorated front and back. 

Eunice said that, from the outset, she felt that the cross belonged in the cathedral; with no prompting from her several others thought the same thing and arranged to buy it. We are grateful to those who contributed for allowing us to retain this devotional object for use in the cathedral.