We are so excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new children’s app for young visitors to Hereford Cathedral: Rapscallion’s Revenge, the Hoodlum of Hereford!

Cowardly Lord Rapscallion is trying to secure his legacy by tricking cathedrals, towns and cities into creating monuments, buildings, and chapels in his honour. However Brother Thomas (who really is his brother!) has just discovered that Lord Rapscallion is headed to Hereford Cathedral, and that he plans to replace a cherished item at the Cathedral with one of his own.

Impress Lord Rapscallion by solving his riddles and he will reward you with a clue. But be warned, if you get the answer wrong, he won’t reveal a thing! From the clues that you gain, you will be able to find out which item he is planning to replace, and you can warn Brother Thomas before it’s too late!

Can you help stop Lord Rapscallion?

Now available at Hereford Cathedral through the Useeum app for Android and iOS. Scan the QR Code to try it for free today or unlock the full game for £3.49.

Download the Useeum app now on your smart phone or tablet, ready for your visit.

The app is a pilot project designed by Adrian Smith of Your Heritage Ltd, formerly the Creative Content Manager at Canterbury Cathedral, who was well aware of the sensitive balance between the needs of heritage tourism and a working church. “I remember at Canterbury how difficult it was to find ways to engage families and encourage children to visit. Cathedrals are without doubt wonderful places to marvel at architecture, stained glass and learn about our history, but children want adventure and stories. 

“Naturally, as a pilot project it’s really important for us to get as much feedback from the public as possible. We’d love to hear what you think about Lord Rapscallion and the Hoodlum of Hereford, either through our friends at Hereford Cathedral or by leaving a review on Tripadvisor. In the meantime I wish Hereford all the luck in the world because I know Lord Rapscallion is a fiendish foe and it will take a very special child to stop him!" - Adrian Smith