The Order of St Ethelbert - Background and History

The Order was founded in 2015 as a means of recognising and honouring women and men from the parishes of the diocese and beyond who have supported and nurtured the Christian ministry of the diocese in many and devoted ways.  The Order will be presented to the successful recipients by the Bishop of Hereford in Hereford Cathedral each year at a special service of dedication. Each recipient receives a signed certificate from Bishop Richard, a St Ethelbert medal and ribbon and a copy of the book St Ethelbert, King and Martyr.

Recipients were awarded this prestigious award on Sunday 9th October at 3.30pm during evensong at Hereford Cathedral. 

Recipients for 2022 are as Follows: 

Mr. Jonathan Andrew, Wellington Heath – For service as a reader for the past twenty-seven years, and continued support for the work of the parishes in Ledbury Deanery.


Mr. Kevin Brewer, Cradley – For dedication during the Covid lockdowns, helping with online services and social media presence.


Mrs. Julie Carlyle, Longden Common – For fifty years of unbroken service to her local church as an organist.


Mrs. Dorrie Coates, Credenhill – For nearly twenty years spent on the PCC, and for her continued work with, and support for, Messy Church.


Miss. Ruth Davies, Llanfair Waterdine – For long term leadership in roles, with twenty years as churchwarden, and for encouraging and bringing about church growth.


Mr. Michael Dugdale, Brampton Bryan – For forty years of dedicated work as churchwarden, and playing a key role in organising lottery funding.


Mr. Kevin Hewison, Withington – For thirty years spent on the PCC and as Tower Captain, as well as twenty years as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.


Mrs. Ruth Hewison, Withington – For thirty years working on the PCC, as well as over a decade of diligent and careful work as the Benefice Safeguarding Officer, Open the Book, and Messy Church.


Mr. Michael Holmes, Whitton – For half a century of dedicated service as churchwarden, for work as a chaplain in Tenbury Hospital, and for nearly two decades spent with the Local Ministry Group.


Mrs. Roberta (Bobbie) Jarvis, Neenton – For exceptional service both to her local church and community, serving on the PCC as well as on the governing board at the local school, alongside various other community groups.


Mrs. Mary Jones, Acton Scott – For over forty years spent as churchwarden, for her work in the community, and for her work during interregnums.


Mr. Anthony Mills, Lyonshall – For nearly two decades on the PCC, as well as taking over three hundred services over the years, notably during interregnums.

Mr. David Noon, Kingsland – For over forty years as organist and choirmaster, as well as for work in the community and over the Covid lockdowns.


Mrs. Angela Pooley, Mainstone – For over three decades of service as churchwarden, as well as for tireless work with the Lay Ministry Team and Messy Church.


Mrs. Jennifer Price, Clodock – For her time spent as church organist, as well as her patronage and support of music in the local community.


Mrs. Jean Pryke, Bucknell – For her support and dedication to the church in a variety of roles over the past three decades.


Mr. John Reed, Yatton – For over thirty years spent as churchwarden, his work with the local church school, and for his work engaging with the local community, which has seen a large rise in church attendance.


Mrs. Margaret Soutar, Withington – For her work in various leadership roles, as well as organising fundraising events with the local community for the past forty years.


Mr. Michael Sumner, Wigmore Abbey – For over twenty-five years as a Reader and PCC treasurer in the Diocese, as well as his help and support with securing lottery funding.


Mr. Roger Taylor, Bishop’s Castle – For years spent on the PCC as both treasurer and churchwarden.

Mrs Sylvia Taylor, Bishop’s Castle – for service as a Reader, especially her sustained leadership of Messy Church, and wider support for intergenerational work.


Mrs. Carol Wall, Oldbury and Quatford – For nearly fifty years spent as church organist, as well as thirty years leading the choir and her service on the PCC.


Mrs. Joyce Wells, Bucknell – For her dedicated service to the church, especially as organist, for the past twenty-seven years.


Mrs. Rosemary Williams, Onibury – For nearly forty years of service as churchwarden, as well as her continued support for and collaboration with local community groups.