Over the coming week, to mark the Feast of Consecration, members of our community will be sharing their favourite part of the cathedral as a special thanksgiving for our building. Today the Chancellor shares his favourite space.

I’ve got many favourite bits, but thought that here I would extol the glories of one of the outlying parts of the cathedral, the library reading room.  That room on the upper floor is a sort of chapel of learning and study.  Everything about it is of the highest quality: the design, the woodwork, the lighting, the fittings, even the smell of the cedar wood panels in the ceiling.  (For some reason – the only minor flaw we might notice – the chairs don’t quite live up to the setting, but I live in hope that we will have quality seating one day.)

I describe it as a sort of chapel of learning.  If the cathedral church is the focal point of our worship and praise and thanksgiving, the library is a reminder that alongside the praise of God communities of scholars and students have sought God in reading, reflection and writing down the ages.  Just as the reading room is hidden from the sight of many, so the pursuit of God through learning has been a more hidden side of the cathedral’s life and ministry.  Yet we know that some formidable people of wisdom, prayer and learning have lived and worked in the cathedral’s shadow for a thousand years and more.  The reading room is the chapel in which they are commemorated, and the library is their memorial.

You can find out more about the Reading Room by clicking here

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