We gathered on Tuesday 30th March for a Zoom discussion to explore the teachings of Lent through the work of artist Sophie Hacker. The event was led by Sophie and Canon Roly Riem from Winchester Cathedral, and The Revd Canon Chris Pullin from Hereford. Attendees enjoyed hearing first-hand about Sophie’s thought process behind her series of artworks that have strong links to Lenten themes of crucifixion, resurrection, suffering and hope.

Each artwork was explored in turn and a lively discussion ensued, with thoughts unpacked by hosts and attendees. We found Sophie’s artworks acted as visual prompts for a myriad of reactions and reflections on wider ideas that surround Lent and Easter. The abstract nature of some of the artworks saw each attendee interpreted the images differently, some feeling real connections to artworks that sparked joy, and others found themselves raising new questions about current issues that consume us in society. Click here to explore each artwork yourself. 

The new format of virtual events has been explored at Hereford Cathedral this Lent to much success, Chris Pullin shared his own thoughts:

“It was marvellous to be able to gather people together from Winchester and Hereford, and a couple of other places, to talk together with artist Sophie Hacker about our shared experiences of the Lent Art project.  Zoom has upsides as well as downsides, and a big upside is that we tend to listen more attentively and respectfully to other speakers, not so easily cutting across what they’re saying or butting in.  Thus we were treated to some really interesting insights and reflections, many of them growing out of the single word reactions people posted in Chat as each new artwork was shown to us.  Zoom was a wonderful medium for gathering a group of people together from across the country, looking at art together, and sharing our journeys and insights.” 

Thank you to those who engaged with the Lent Art Project over the past five weeks, and to those who joined our event on Zoom. We enjoyed the opportunity to work in partnership Winchester Cathedral and hope to run similar events in the future.