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Over the last nine months, whilst we have been sharing our Sunday Worship videos online, we have received many messages of appreciation from individuals who haven’t been able to regularly attend church services for a variety of reasons. As we return to public worship on Palm Sunday, we want to ensure that our services still remain accessible to individuals who join us from home so from Sunday 28 March, our 10am service will be live streamed to the cathedral website. In this article we hope to answer any questions you may have:


Will it be much different to the current videos?

Yes, from 28 March our services will be livestreamed rather than pre-recorded, which means that you will see the cathedral in real time, as our congregation does on a Sunday morning. We will be using two cameras, one wide angle and one close up to focus on speakers. Whilst the choir are currently not permitted to sing at services, we will be using pre-recorded audio tracks for music and during communion there will be a still image on the screen.

How do I find the worship video?

Each Sunday the video will be live streamed to the cathedral website and you can find a link on the homepage at 10am. The video will then remain on our website for a week to allow viewers to catch up.


Will I be on camera?

The way that the cameras are positioned within the nave means that only people leading or reading in the service will be visible on the video, so unless you walk alongside the plinth during the service, you should not be visible. During communion, the live footage will be replaced with a still image so that members of the congregation will have privacy while taking communion.

A few seats in the North and South Transept may be visible on camera during larger services. The Vestry will attach a marker to these seats so that you are aware and can choose to sit somewhere else if you would prefer to not be visible.

I am due to read at a service, how will this be different?

If you are due to take part in a service, we will ask you to fill in a consent form agreeing to take part in the video beforehand. Once this form has been filled in, it will remain on file for three years so you don’t need to complete one each time, and you can withdraw your consent at any time. If you have any concerns regarding privacy and consent, please speak to the Precentor who will be able to advise further.

Will the services look the same?

The aim is that the viewer at home sees exactly what a ‘live’ congregation would see when attending, so services will remain very similar to how they were before. The only difference you may notice is that more of the service is conducted from the plinth, so that readers and speakers are visible on screen.

If you have any questions regarding live streaming of services, please email [email protected]