Please join us on Tuesday 15 June to watch the live stream of the Knife Angel Welcome Ceremony.


We are very pleased to be able to share The Cracked Slipper Company's performance about knife crime in response to the Knife Angel's visit to Hereford.

In 2021 The Cracked Slipper Company formed the Community Youth Theatre Group ‘Drama 4 Change’, which is is a weekly, free-to-attend group for those aged 10–16, run by Yaz and Charlie, our drama practitioners. The ‘Drama 4 Change’ group helps young people to build on confidence and communication whilst supporting issue-based drama exploring issues that are important to young people and their communities. This group will give young people an opportunity to gain skills and experience and give young people a voice to promote change and make a difference. The ‘Drama 4 Change’ group will produce high quality emotionally engaging productions tackling some of the most challenging issues that are important to our young people and our community.

The Young people from the ‘Drama 4 Change’ group have been working hard to produce a sensitive emotive piece around Knife Crime and aggression for the Knife Angel monument against violence and aggression visiting Hereford in June. The piece will be produced as a short 10-minute film, filmed by Creative Arcade and also as a live performance which will be shown during our Knife Angel Hereford Workshops on the 25 and 26 of June and live at the Knife Angel Hereford Closing Vigil on 11 July.

The Cracked Slipper Company would like to thank Alison and Meryl and The Knife Angel Hereford for having faith in us and giving our Young People the opportunity to be part of something special that they will always remember with pride.