German Church Gathering in Nuremberg, 7 – 11 June 2023

Come and join Bishop Richard, lay people and clergy from across the Diocese to meet with our Lutheran sisters and brothers at one of the German Church’s biggest gatherings.

The Lutheran church in Germany, the EKD, holds a national gathering every few years around Germany and this year the host city is Nuremberg. This is a great opportunity for us to help strengthen our links with the church and to participate in a multi-lingual and multi-faceted celebration of following Jesus.

The theme of the 2023 Kirchentag is "The Time has Come!" ("Jetzt ist die Zeit" - Mark 1.14) which invites us to reflect on both our emergence from the COVID pandemic and other burning issues.

There will be a substantial English-language programme including Bible studies and an Anglican-Lutheran Eucharist. Expect to be amazed by a wide range of debates, seminars, workshops, and artistic presentations on the theme, and an extensive Market Place with hundreds of stalls in which our diocesan partnership will be represented. It’s a great opportunity for us to renew our commitment to the partnership with the Lutheran Church in Nuremberg, as well as with the local Old Catholics with whom we are in full communion.

It would be great to take a strong delegation from our Diocese representing the City, market towns and villages to share our experience with our German friends.

Cost: Registration will cost in the region of 100-120 Euros per person or 160-170 for a family group. The price includes free transport within the Nuremberg conurbation.

Accommodation: we hope to stay with host families and churches - this will be negotiated. Individuals can, of course, book into hotels if they wish.

Travel: We will have to pay for transport to Nuremberg, either by rail or by air. Some may wish to drive or hire a coach.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Bp. Mike Bourke on 01694 722910 or via email: [email protected] by the end of January.