We are very fortunate at Hereford Cathedral to have a team of incredible volunteer gardeners who lovingly tend to our stunning gardens. During lockdown, our volunteers have been able to spend more time in their own gardens and have sent us a selection of photos of what is currently blooming. It looks like our volunteer's gardens are as wonderful as the gardens of the cathedral!

A Hellebore - bright pink open flower with tight buds to the side

A Hellebore from Gordon Taylor’s garden

A Narcissus - a daffodil shaped flower which is creamy white and fully opened

A Narcissus from Gordon Taylor’s garden

Three full open roses in a very soft pink colour sit in front of a traditional brick wall. Several other roses are in bud also

A Standard Rose Winchester Cathedral from Clive & Lynette Walker’s garden.

A very full peony flower in soft yellow. It is just opening and there is a flash of pink at the centre of the flower

A tree peony from Anthony & Liz Evans’ garden

An open peony flower, the centre is a dark purple colour with vibrant yellow pollen. The petals are a soft pink that start darker at the bottom of the petal and turn almost white at the tip. The edges of the petal are ragged and fragile

A tree peony from Clive & Lynette Walker’s garden 

A vibrant yellow peony sits amongst lush green leaves. There are several tight buds around it showing a hint of yellow about to peep through

A tree peony from Clive & Lynette Walker’s garden

Three irises stand tall. The flowers are soft blue and a cheery yellow. Behind them sits a cluster of tiny blue flowers

Irises from Henry & Sue Connor’s garden

Three bright pink, almost magenta, peonies peer out from green foliage. Their petals are large but delicate and are clustered around a bright yellow centre

Peonies from Henry & Sue Connor’s garden

Three orange and coral coloured flowers. Their heads are almost spherical shaped where they are so full of petals

Ranunculus from Henry & Sue Connor’s garden

A sea of tiny lilac coloured flowers flourish from a plant which has small green leaves

Weigela from Henry & Sue Connor’s garden