We currently have a live creative brief as part of our Eastern Cloisters Project. The Eastern Cloisters Project is funded by the The National Lottery Heritage Fund.


As part of the Eastern Cloisters Project at Hereford Cathedral, we are commissioning the building of a model of our Cloisters. The history of the Cloisters is a fascinating one, as they were home to Vicars Choral for centuries, and still house some of our staff today; they have been a home to members of the cathedral community for over 500 years, and that is what we want the model to communicate to visitors. We are aware that a cathedral can seem intimidating – to adults and children alike – and by using the model to create a doll house, hope to represent the welcoming and less formal environment of the Cloisters.

As we want the model to engage younger visitors and to instil a sense of the Cloisters being a welcoming home, the aesthetic must reflect that. We want the model to be representative of the architecture and historical eras. But we also want it to look approachable, and not intimidatingly intricate!

To download the project brief click here.

For any queries please contact Sarah Hollingdale at [email protected]