Message from the Dean      

Friday 27 March 2020


Dear Friends, 

The last week has been one of great trauma for us all – the cathedral closed and no possibility for private prayer within it. I am sure this is right as we seek to follow closely the directions of government and as we play our part to the full in helping to stop the spread of COVID – 19.

We are learning afresh what it is to be a praying and caring community. Through resources on the website and social media, we are still able to worship – no, it’s not the same but it does help us to stay and pray together. Your clergy are united with you all as, morning and evening, we say the daily office and hold you all in our prayers.

I have to confess that some of the more modern technologies are proving a challenge for me! The daily Zoom meeting with the bishop’s staff enables us to see and speak to each other and we will be using this for a forthcoming chapter meeting, as we meet remotely to conduct vital business in this crisis.

I must pay tribute to our cathedral staff who have responded so skilfully and supportively in these difficult times. It is not an easy time for them as all have moved to home working and have their own family responsibilities to manage alongside work.

I am so heartened at the way in which members of the congregation are supporting each other through phone messages, emails and the like. Our pastoral team are in touch with as many as possible of our congregation and we hope that you will let us know straight away if you hear of any who need particular help and support.

On a final note I need to say something about giving. Income may have reduced significantly for many people over the last month and may remain like this for weeks to come. The same is true for the cathedral. Financial survival is a challenge for us. If you are still in a position to continue or even increase giving this is the time to do so – please. I will, if I may, write about this in more detail in a future message.

This pandemic is a real concern for our society, and we struggle to understand it and to see God’s place in it all. God’s creation is good and life-giving. But part of the cost of that goodness is the existence of pain alongside God’s truth and beauty. One day, we will understand but for now, we press on, supporting each other, praying as best we can, and holding to the God who loves us and cares for us – each and every one.


God bless us all,