Hereford Cathedral and the British Embassies to Italy and the Holy See celebrate Magna Carta

Hereford Cathedral will further develop its close relationship with Italy and the Holy See this month as the Hereford Magna Carta is celebrated in two special events.

In March, the Magna Carta was loaned to the City of Vercelli, north-west Italy, for a special exhibition at the Arca Museum as part of a celebration marking the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Basilica of Sant’Andrea. This has a special significance as it is the first time that the Magna Carta has ever been to Italy. To mark the momentous occasion, the British Ambassadors to Rome and the Holy See will each be hosting a special event, focusing on different aspects of the Magna Carta.

On 16 May, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Holy See, Sally Axworthy, will host a panel discussion on the theme of ‘800 years of Magna Carta: the church, peace-making and human rights’ taking place. The event will focus on the role of faith leaders on these issues both in the thirteenth century and today. Academics and Holy See representatives will also be on the speakers panel.

The following day, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Rome, Jill Morris, will host a seminar entitled ‘Magna Carta’s Legacy’, which will focus on the historical and cultural roots of the Magna Carta and its influence on the British and Italian legal systems. British and Italian historical and legal experts will lead the discussion.

Revd Canon Chris Pullin, Chancellor of Hereford Cathedral, and Glyn Morgan, Chief Executive of the Perpetual Trust will be travelling to Italy to attend both of these events to represent the cathedral and celebrate the Magna Carta with an international community.

Revd Canon Chris Pullin, Chancellor of Hereford Cathedral, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to further celebrate the Hereford Magna Carta in Italy this month. These two events, in The Vatican and Rome, will be a wonderful opportunity to share our incredible document and explore its impact on the modern world.’

Glyn Morgan, Chief Executive of the Perpetual Trust, said; “We are very grateful to our friends in Italy who have enabled this celebration to take place, not least the Mayor and City of Vercelli in approaching us about the exhibition of the Magna Carta in Italy, which initiated these conferences.’

‘We have also been delighted to have the support of both British Embassies and to have been able to work with them in celebrating this great document and to look at how it still inspires people today and, by the very fact that the conferences taking place, makes us examine what is happening in the world. We are indebted to so any who have made this possible.’