A Message from the Dean

Wednesday 18 March

We are currently living in unprecedented times and are all united in our concern for one another as we face anxiety and uncertainty. As we look back at times of crisis in our community, the cathedral has sought to play a role in reminding us of God’s love, even in the midst of difficulty.

Although the cathedral is not open for public worship or gatherings, its doors will remain open and we hope that its peace will comfort all who come to us. Some will light candles, some will enjoy reminding themselves of our long history and others will simply sit in the quiet of the place.

We will be offering our prayers daily for those affected by this illness and the extraordinary people who are working around the clock to keep them well and protect us all. We will be offering prayer for the cathedral community including our regular congregation, many of whom are now confined to their homes.  We will also be offering prayer for our wider community - we are so proud to be part of a city which is home to so many independent businesses, charities and cultural organisations and know how scared you must all feel right now in the face of such uncertainty.

Over the coming days we will be sharing ways in which we can offer spiritual support by keeping in touch and sharing resources through our website and social media channels. We hope to find some light to share with you all in the darkness over the coming weeks.

The Very Revd Michael Tavinor
Dean of Hereford