At Key Stage 3 we offer standard visits in two subject areas, Religious Education and History. However, the cathedral building itself offers imaginative opportunities for many other traditional and cross-curricular study areas. It can provide a stimulus for work in creative subjects like art, poetry and music, and in its architectural structure it can also become a practical resource for mathematical or scientific exploration.

If you would like to use the building in one of these ways, we are very happy for you either to plan your own visit, or to discuss your ideas with us. However, even if we are not organising your visit for you, it is essential to make a prior booking to avoid clashes with service times or other visiting groups.

We recognise the timetabling difficulties that Key Stage 3 teachers might have in arranging off-site visits, and we are able to be flexible in accommodating whole year groups either altogether in one day, or a class at a time over a number of weeks.

For further information please contact William Talbot-Ponsonby Education Officer, on 01432 374256 or [email protected]