Our daily reflections began when we closed our doors to provide a new connection with our community. As we resume public worship within the cathedral tomorrow, the shape of our reflections will look slightly different moving forward. From tomorrow, rather than posting a daily reflection, we will be posting ‘reflection collections’ at certain points, focusing on issues and events within our community. 

Sunday 5 July | A member of our community

“Love is the true means by which the world is enjoyed: our love to others, and others love to us.”
Thomas Traherne

Lord, help us to enjoy your world and celebrate love,
Help us identify those in our community who need to be shown love and kindness at this time
And allow us to recognise the love we are shown in our daily lives and be brave enough to show that love in return.


Saturday 4 July | A member of our community

“Natural things are glorious, and to know them is glorious.”
Thomas Traherne

Lord, help us to remember to pause and experience the natural world. Remind us to appreciate the ground beneath our feet and the skies above us. Let us see the beauty of nature each and every day.


Friday 3 July | Revd Prebendary Ann Barge

Beauty in things exists in the mind
which contemplates them.

David Hume


Thursday 2 July | A member of our community

Love thy neighbor as thyself

As we have spent more time in our homes during lockdown, many of us have experienced a change in the relationship we share with our neighbours.

Lord, as our lives slowly return to normal, help us to maintain new friendships with those in our community.

Help us to be considerate to those around us who may be lonely and think of those who may need extra support.

Help us to always remember the power of a friendly hello or smile in the street.


Wednesday 1 July | Sarah Hollingdale

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.
Psalm 32 7

Lord, thank you that you are our hiding place –
Whether we’ve never spoken to you before,
Or have known you for years,
Thank you that you offer us refuge in these difficult times.


Tuesday 30 June | Revd Prebendary Ann Barge

True ease in writing comes from art, not chance,
As those move easiest who have learn’d to dance.

Alexander Pope


Monday 29 June | A member of our community

"More company increases happiness, but does not lighten or diminish misery" - Thomas Traherne

A picture of the Cathedral Close taken from the West End - there are a few people walking through with shopping bags and it is sunny

Dear Lord, over the coming weeks as restrictions begin to ease,

   Help us to remember that people may still be finding life difficult.

As we enjoy being able to explore new places,

   Help us to consider those who remain confined to their homes.

As we start to be able to socialise in our towns and cities,

   Help us to be understanding of those who may be scared or fearful of the ‘new normal’.

And whilst we celebrate being able to see our loved ones again,

   Help us to think of those for whom that is not an option.


Sunday 28 June | Revd Janet Bellamy

A prayer from the Corrymeela Community

God of holy relationship, God of distinct inclusion:
with you and in you togetherness matters.
Remind us that ours is not a life of living for ourselves.
In being with and for each other,
may we discover that how we relate to how we are different
shows the essence of who we each are.


Saturday 27 June | Bridget Swan, Cathedral Reader

Maeshowe is a Neolithic tomb in Orkney. Every December, just after the winter solstice, the rising sun peeps round between two hills, enters the entrance and strikes the back wall for two weeks.

Dear Lord, even in death, you are with us. Help us not to fear the darkness, and know that the light will come again.

Psalm 23


Friday 26 June | Revd Janet Bellamy

A prayer from the Corrymeela Community

God of revelation, God of unveiling:
the truths that many would pretend to discover
are truths that others could never avoid.
May this time be the time of conversation
about matters that lie underneath fears and prejudices,
and beneath a wilful blindness.
May your revealing of what has always been
change us and what is to be,
so that in acknowledging each other and the sins brought to light
we might never find such cover again.


Thursday 25 June | A member of our community

"You are as prone to love as the sun is to shine" - Thomas Traherne

Lord, today as the sun shines, help us to remember love in our thoughts,

As temperatures rise, help us to retain kindness in our actions,

And as we feel the intensity of the heat, help us to keep patience within our words


Wednesday 24 June | Bridget Swan, Cathedral Reader

.....I shall I fear be dark and cold,
With all my fire and light;
Yet when thou dost accept my gold,
Lord, treasure up my mite.

From the third verse of the hymn “How shall I sing that majesty”

Like the widow who put only a tiny coin into the collecting box, and the Little Drummer Boy in the carol, we are often conscious of having very little to offer. But we need to be willing to offer it nevertheless, along with offering ourselves.

Dear Lord, help me to understand that you don’t just accept my mite, but treasure it. And help me to know that you don’t just accept me, but treasure me, too.


Tuesday 23 June | Bridget Swan, Cathedral Reader

A picture from Bridget's garden


Every time we plant a seed,

we express a hope for the future.

May we step out in faith that the future will be fruitful.


Gardener God, use me, plant me, let me grow. And in bad times and good, may I bear fruit.


Monday 22 June | Revd Janet Bellamy

A prayer from J Philip Newell’s Celtic Benediction

That you have placed a harmony of lights in the heavens
that night is followed by day
and the glowing of the moon by the glistening of the sun
thanks be to you, O God.
That you have placed a harmony of lights in my soul
that there is gentleness and firmness of strength
intuitive knowing and enlightened reasoning
thanks be to you.
Let me be so sure of your law of harmony in all things
that I seek it in my own depths
and in knowing it in my inner life
yearn for it in the torn relationships of my world
man and woman
black and white
sun and moon in a harmony of movement.


Sunday 21 June | Revd Prebendary Ann Barge

Today Lord
Let me light three candles in another life
A candle of comfort
A candle of hope
A candle of courage


Saturday 20 June | Bridget Swan, Cathedral Reader

As soon as the chip shop opened again we bought fish and chips each, and rushed off to eat it in a lay by! It was lovely.

Lord, we pray for those who do not have enough to eat, both nearby and far away. And those of us that do, thank you for your providence. We thank you for our daily bread.

Perhaps we also need to do something practical for those in need...


Friday 19 June | Revd Janet Bellamy

Blades of feathered grass stand tall against a sea back drop

A prayer from the Corrymeela Community

God of constant assurance,

God who is forever new;

a life of faith is not without risk.

There is no telling what lies ahead 

when we choose to let go of what has been.

But as we set off on this next adventure 

of finding our new and truer selves, 

remind us that it is in becoming 

that we remain the people you have created us to be.


Thursday 18 June | Bridget Swan, Cathedral Reader

A pink rose in full bloom against lush green leaves

I try to send pictures to my 92 year old mother because she can’t get out. This is a Rosa mundi from my garden.

Lord, thank you for the beautiful things around us. Not everything in our lives is perfect. But help us to remember that when you looked at what you had made, it was good. Help us to remember to look when we have time, and to remember when we don’t.

Wednesday 17 June | Revd Prebendary Ann Barge

Prayer is an act of love
words are not needed

St Teresa of Avila


Tuesday 16 June | Revd Janet Bellamy

For the first showings of the morning light

and the emerging outline of the day

thanks be to you, O God.

Show to me this day

amidst life's dark streaks of wrong and suffering

the light that endures in every person.

Dispel the confusions that cling close to my soul

that I may see with eyes washed by your grace,

that I may see myself and all people

with eyes cleansed by the freshness of the new day's light

A prayer from J Philip Newell’s Celtic Benediction


Monday 15 June | Bridget Swan, Cathedral Reader

A picture of a baby falling backwards with her legs up in the air from a seated position

My granddaughter discovering that sitting up on your own can be tricky when you’re seven months old...

Lord, help us to remember that even when things are new and tricky, we are always travelling along with you. We will learn the new things, and grow because of the changes.

... she doesn’t fall over when she sits anymore. Now she can crawl!


Sunday 14 June | Revd Prebendary Ann Barge

For each new day, pray for enough strength for that day
enough love for that day
enough hope for that day
enough peace for that day

From Psalm 29: 11

Saturday 13 June | Revd Janet Bellamy

In the beginning, O God,
your Spirit swept over the chaotic deep like a wild wind
and creation was born.
In the turbulence of my own life
and the unsettled waters of the world today
let there be new birthings of your Spirit.
In the currents of my own heart
and the upheavals of the world today
let there be new birthings of your mighty Spirit.

A prayer from J Philip Newell’s Celtic Benediction

Friday 12 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Pelargoniums that overwinter each year in front of 2 The Close, and burst into colour when the days warm and lengthen

Sheltered from the wind may I be,

protected from frost by a warm house nearby,

quickened by southern sun,

and watered by gentle rain.

O Lord!  As these flowers survive each winter

so may I survive the winters of life!


What are the quiet blessings that enable you to get up each day and keep going?  Give thanks for them.


Thursday 11 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

We stand in the great ocean of your being and love, O God.

Our life, our existence, our destiny, are in your hands.

May we sense your providence and grace

in sorrow and in happiness

in pain and in pleasure

in fear and in faith

as your presence quietly surrounds us.


Hard sometimes to sense God’s presence, yet without it everything would cease to exist.  Can you accept that it is there in the hard times as well as the easy times?


Wednesday 10 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A selection of hats (straw hat, cap, bobble hat etc) are laid out onto a red sofa

Who shall I be today Lord, in what disguise shall I appear?

Shall I be happy or sad, young or old, smart or scruffy?

Help me to find myself in you, on the inside,

and so be real,

not living through outer costumes,

and being false.


We are all tempted to present ourselves in different ways, to cover what we think people won’t accept and to pretend to be what we think they will accept. Perhaps you can spot this in yourself. Pray to live out your true self, not your false self.


Tuesday 9 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

St Columba who founded the monastery on the small island of Iona is remembered throughout the world on his feast day today.

A photograph of a shingle beach taken in the sunshine looking out to sea

St Columba’s Bay, Iona, the traditional site of his first landing in AD 563

Salt sea and stony shingle, wind and wet and wild;

these were Columba’s lot on the island he was given.

Peace and blessing, prayer, learning and art;

these were his planting and cultivation,

whose colour and fragrance were known throughout the world.

May we be as Columba, flourishing by God’s grace

even if the soil we have is salt and stone.

We may find ourselves given poor soil or hard ground in life, and feel it’s hard to do well.  Perhaps that’s how you find things.  Can we take encouragement from Columba’s willingness to accept what he was given, and by openness to God to find that he could blossom there?


Monday 8 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Thomas Ken’s name, scratched by him as a schoolboy on a stone at Winchester College.

Today we remember Bishop Thomas Ken. He was ejected from his bishopric in 1691 over a very public matter of conscience, and lived until 1711.  His hymns are regularly sung today.


Lord, I my vows to Thee renew;

Disperse my sins as morning dew.

Guard my first springs of thought and will,

And with Thyself my spirit fill.


Direct, control, suggest, this day,

All I design, or do, or say,

That all my powers, with all their might,

In Thy sole glory may unite.


Would I risk all my security and comfort over a matter of conscience? Who in my lifetime has made such a stand?


Sunday 7 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Gates closed since March across the North Porch, Hereford Cathedral

It has been hard to be locked out of your house, O Lord.

The place of welcome and nourishment and peace

has become a desert;

where we look for bread we are offered a stone.

May the day soon come when gates can be unlocked,

doors opened, and people come to that house again;

and what we have learned through being locked out

-- may we bring that as a gift to lay on your altar.


What most have you found a deprivation in being excluded from this cathedral, or from other holy places?  Have you found new resources to help sustain you once the exclusion is ended?


Saturday 6 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

14th-century misericord on the north side of the Quire, Hereford Cathedral

O Lord, there are days when the weight of the world seems to rest on my shoulders,

and I’m tired before I get out of bed.

I may not be responsible for everything, but it can feel as if I am.

Things may not go so badly, but it’s hard to believe they won’t.

When I feel like this remind me that you carry me,

that the world and everything in it is yours,

and so help me face the day leaving you to do the worrying.

Sometimes we work ourselves up over matters about which we can do nothing, thinking ourselves more important than really we are in the big scheme of things.   Can we pray to be released from this delusion, and to leave more problems in God’s hands?


Friday 5 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Flowers in the Chapter House Garden, May 2019

For the triumphant liveliness of creation,

the colour, the delicacy, the upsurge of life,

we can wonder and be lost for words.

For the inescapable decline of creation,

the blight, the fading, the falling and rotting,

we can wonder and be lost for words.

Father of us all, in your hands lie both life and death;

help us to accept them both with grace,

and not to be dismayed at the present hour.


Do we see death as defeat and not as inevitable culmination? 

Someone once said “There are worse things than death.”  What might they be?


Thursday 4 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A winding road leads into the sunset. The hedgerows either side of the road are abundant with white flowers and there is a large tree

The road to Breinton, May 2020

When I feel tired, or lost or old I yearn to find my home at last,
a place where I can know true rest,
warmth, welcome and good happiness,
and be myself, and rest content that all my troubles now are past;
so call me this and every day to search with love, and onward roam
in knowledge of your love for me, so that in you I find my home.

Do you ever feel nostalgic for home, perhaps a happy home of the past or of childhood? Can you see that as a sign of yearning for God, and of wanting to find oneness with God? Perhaps such feelings point to the future, not the past.


Wednesday 3 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A photograph of a river taken from the bank, it is sunny and there are leaves on the trees surrounding the photographer 

The River Wye by the quarries at Capler from which stone for the cathedral was floated upstream to the city.

‘The river of God is full of water’ Psalm 65 verse 9

You flow through my life like a river,
watering, nourishing, cleansing;
open my soul to the flow of your life,
my fears and my failures transcending.

What fears or anxieties are uppermost in your mind today? Can you be aware of God’s silent presence flowing through you to offer strength and confidence?


Tuesday 2 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

The interior of an empty medieval barn, there are wooden arches and light pouring in

Medieval tithe barn, Bradford on Avon

Be to me shade from the burning sun,

coolness of stone beneath my feet

and strength to overarch my life, O Lord,

today and every day.


Living through hot days and hard times we know our need of shelter and protection. 

Pray for a sense of God’s strength that you may feel secure and yet have space to breathe and grow each day.


Monday 1 June | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

Painted panel (left hand panel) of the Visitation (by Harry Stammers) from the Lady Chapel altarpiece

For the friends who welcome me,

the people who share my experiences,

who understand my hopes and fears,

who don’t laugh at me or judge me,

thanks be to you, O God!


Today is the Feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth; you can read the story in Luke chapter 1, verses 39—56. Who are the friends or supporters I can give thanks for today? Who supports me in the current crisis, and who do I support?


Pentecost | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A stained glass window. A dove is in the centre with orange and yellow glass radiating from around it

Bernini’s window depicting the Holy Spirit in St Peter’s, Rome

Spirit of God,

may I feel you in my heart and breathe you in my life

in small things as well as great things,

in tranquillity as well as in exuberance,

in silence as well as in song.

In these strange and uncertain times let me breathe your wisdom and courage

to strengthen the gifts you have already given me so freely.


There is a single word in Hebrew for breath and spirit.  God’s Spirit is a breath in all creation, and he breathes it into us.  As you quietly breathe in and out try to sense God himself breathing the gift of his life and power within you.


Saturday 30 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

‘The fruit of the Spirit is … patience, kindness, goodness …’. Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23

Give us God the fruit of goodness to ripen in our souls:
fruit to offer round about us,
fruit to heal the wounds of this world,
fruit to restore the confidence of the broken,
fruit to strengthen the dispirited in doing good,
fruit to feed the hungry and nourish the weak.
As you feed us with your goodness, so may we feed others
today and every day.

Goodness can be catching; a good person inspires goodness in others. Pray that goodness may be seen in your life for the health of the world.


Friday 29 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

‘The fruit of the Spirit is … patience, kindness, goodness …’.
Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23

May I always remember, dear Lord,
that when I clothe the naked, visit prisoners or feed the hungry
I do those things to you.
Every day you show yourself to me in need;
may I show myself to you in gentleness and kindness.

Remember times when you have been kind, and give thanks. Remember too those times when you failed to be kind, and pray for forgiveness and the opportunity to make amends.


Thursday 28 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

‘The fruit of the Spirit is … patience, kindness, goodness …’.  Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23

Patience, Lord, can be a fruit of your Spirit within me,

but I must pray for it.

I may not be able to make myself patient,

I may fret and hurry and burn;

but the seed of your eternity planted within me

bears fruit of a different kind,

fruit of your rhythms and purposes.

I must pray for that fruit to ripen

and not the bitter product of my misplaced haste.


Are you an impatient person?  What is the root of your impatience?


Wednesday 27 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A simple black line illustration of a dove with a branch of peace in its beak

Dove of Peace, drawn by Pablo Picasso

‘The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace…’.  Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23


May I be a person of peace, dear Lord,

at home

at work

in the world

with others

with myself

with creation

And may I be prepared to pay the price for it to be real.


Cheap peace, peace that sweeps tensions and difficulties under the carpet, peace that pretends things are OK when they’re not, is no peace.  True peace is often costly and demanding.  Pray for that fruit of the Spirit in human lives today.


Tuesday 26 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A silhouette of mountains at sunset with a person leaping for joy in front of them. Their silhouette is illuminated by a vibrant pink and purple sky

‘The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace…’.  Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23

Give me joy in life, O Lord,

a deep inner sense of wonder and goodness,

of rapture for all that is, and that I have my place in your creation.

May the quiet assurance that I am yours and you are mine be a deep source of joy

so that I can face onslaughts of uncertainty and the loss of things that do not matter,

fed deeply by the knowledge of you love and delight.


Is joy about being happy all the time? Or is it about something deeper, a quiet core of genuine happiness in being created and loved by God? Pray for that fruit of the Spirit today.


Monday 25 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

A vector graphic illustrating six different types of love

Image: The Bible Project

‘The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy peace…’.  Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23


May I receive the Spirit’s gift of love:

Love to live and share

Love in my words and actions

Love for others in my thoughts and in my deeds

Practical charity for those I find difficult

Perseverance with those who ignore or reject me

Charity towards my own self.


As we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost on Sunday, we pray this week for the fruit of the Spirit to ripen in our lives.  So pray first for love, not as something sentimental but as something practical and caring.


Sunday 24 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Nave pillar illuminated by the Ascension window taken by Mark Ewins.

Lord, help me to embrace the fact that you made me to be beautiful:
beautiful in my thoughts
beautiful in my words
beautiful in my deeds
beautiful inside
and beautiful outside.
Lighten me with your grace to make it so.
Alleluia! Amen!

To believe that we are special and beautiful and worth something can be one of the hardest challenges in life. Sometimes we hide ourselves in greyness rather than live out of that beauty. But ‘while we were yet sinners Christ died for us’ (Romans 5: 8) – so how can we not be beautiful!


Saturday 23 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

There are times when thick clouds hang upon my mind,
or I find it hard to hold together, know who I am or what I’m for.
There are times when the landscape of my life is darkened
and familiar ways are lost or taken from me, and the world turns strange.
This suffering is as real as any other, and no less easy to heal.
O Lord, find me in my lostness and heal me in my mind.

As Mental Health Awareness Week comes towards its end we might pray for greater understanding of the reality of mental sickness and pain.

If you are currently looking for additional support, Mental Health Foundation has a range of content on their website here 

For a list local support please visit WISH Herefordshire 


Friday 22 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Sixth-century mosaic of Christ appearing to the Apostles on the road to Emmaus, Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna

Give us, Lord, the hand of kindness

when we take the darkened way;

shine upon our minds’ night-blindness

and hold us firm till break of day.


Has someone walked alongside you in friendship at a time of mental distress? 

Give thanks for that (perhaps costly) act of friendship.


Ascension Day | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin 

Raise us with you above this Earth,
but keep our humanity intact.
Help us see things in the context of eternity,
but ground us in the here and now.
Show us that we belong to heaven,
but make us attend to the Earth with love.
Dignify our flesh with divine glory,
but show us how to honour human wounds.

Sometimes people find the ascension story hard to accept at face value.

Reflect instead on its inner meaning, that as creatures of flesh and blood we are adopted in Christ to share the divine life.


Wednesday 20 May | Revd Canon Chris Pullin

An icon painting of St Ethelbert. Ethelbert is wearing a crown, has a sword in his left hand and a crucifix in the other

Today's reflection is provided by the Revd Canon Chris Pullin and is illustrated with an icon painted by Peter Murphy to mark St Ethelbert's Day.

We give thanks today for our patron St Ethelbert:
for his faith as an inspiration in times of danger,
his hope as a challenge to the cynical,
and his youthful vision as refreshment for the world-weary,
Thanks be to God!

Do I believe that I am in danger at present?
Am I cynical or jaded?
Perhaps the story of Ethelbert’s simple trustfulness can lend us strength.


Tuesday 19 May | Revd Canon Chris Pullin

I remember a priest with dementia;
in a final sermon he asked us to be kind,
and pleaded firmly for us to be kind.
In a world where many suffer in body, mind or spirit,
Lord, help me offer that grace of kindness every day.
I am stronger when others are kind to me,
so let me return the gift in love.

Think of a time when unexpected kindness made all the difference to you.

Can you strengthen someone through kindness today?

If you are currently looking for additional support, Mental Health Foundation has a range of content on their website here 

For a list local support please visit WISH Herefordshire 


Monday 18 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Life isn’t always easy, Lord,

inside or outside our sometimes damaged selves.

Not everyone can understand our inner wounds

and often we can’t either.

May I always have compassion for the mental health of others,

and just through simple kindness let them know I care.

This is mental health awareness week, and this year’s theme is kindness. How many people are you aware of suffering mental frailty today? How can you be kind to them?

If you are currently looking for additional support, Mental Health Foundation has a range of content on their website here 

For a list local support please visit WISH Herefordshire 


Sunday 17 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

5th-century window made of crystal gypsum, Santa Sabina, Rome

Lord, the window of my soul may be ageing, but your light is ever new.

May that light fill my innermost being each day

to give me vision and insight, and to direct my steps.

Waken within my innermost self the knowledge of a bigger life,

touch me with the light that will make me grow,

make me to be blessing to others.


Many find it helpful to pray each day for the gift of God’s light to live and see by.


Saturday 16 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

13th-century holy water stoup at the cloister door, Basilica of Sant'Andrea, Vercelli

We wash a lot these days, dear Lord, for safety and for health;
the simple gift of water gives us cleansing and brings life.
Blessed be the water of rain and sea and river!
Blessed be the water flowing freely in our homes!
Help us value it as sacred and keep it from pollution,
That returning it to nature it may hallow as it goes.

Do we treat water as we should and pass it on so that it will be a source of life and not of death?
This is a pressing question in the western world. How can I be more responsible in what I do with water?


Friday 15 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Andrea McLean’s A Contemporary Mappa Mundi, 2005

It’s the world, but not as we know it.

Things have changed, yet stayed the same.

May we find gain in our loss,

new colour to delight us,

fresh ways of understanding how to live.

In the sickness of the present time may we blessed with gifts of healing

and rise to vibrant life.


When this crisis passes, what will I carry from it to build a better world?


Thursday 14 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Jonsokbål (Midsummer Night) by Nikolai Astrup, 1926

Be our light, O Lord we pray  ̶

turn our darkness into day,

burn within the deepest night,

give us warmth and make us bright

as we gather where you blaze,

King of Seasons, Lord of Days!


In the Bible God is sometimes described as being like a fire. 

Do you feel drawn towards God today, or are you standing back? 

Why are you choosing as you do?


Wednesday 13 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Detail from Brudeferden I Hardanger (Bridal Party in Hardanger) by Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand (1848)

Detail from Brudeferden I Hardanger (Bridal Party in Hardanger) by Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand (1848)

Pure air, pure light, pure water:

O Lord, lord let me float along the River of Life with beauty.

Help me to know and feel that it is your grace I breathe,

your clean and living water upholding me,

your radiant light making all things clear;

and so shall I be brought to you in serenity.


We can strive too much in life and make ourselves and others unhappy. 

Can we trust that by being carried along we may come to happier ends?


Tuesday 12 May | Sarah Hollingdale

‘But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.’ Isaiah 40:31

Lord, please give us strength to get through today, to soar above like eagles.


Monday 11 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

“He who sings prays twice” – attributed to St Augustine

And will we sing?
Dear Lord, it seems we won’t, at least to start with,
because singing is said to be dangerous.
I must learn to pray my prayer once with double the feeling,
I must learn to let my heart sing in other ways as I come before you.
It is good at least that some see this prayer as dangerous,
because all prayer is dangerous.
Help me to pray more dangerously!

For much of Christian history, and still in some parts of the world, every word of worship was, or is, sung. The likelihood that when we are allowed to resume public worship we will not be allowed to sing for fear of spreading the virus will be a hard thing to accept. Pray that it may not be long before we can sing again.


Sunday 10 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

We wait for thy loving-kindness, O God, in the midst of thy Temple.  Psalm 48 verse 9


O Lord, we wait and wait and wait.

We seem to have done nothing but wait and watch and hope,

and even your house has been denied in which to do it.

We wait for your loving-kindness in the midst of our homes!

Now that we take small steps forwards to greater freedom

may we soon find the doors of your house open once more;

there may we wait and watch and hope in peace.


The closure of churches has been a painful deprivation for many people, although the first Christians worshipped in their homes and had no written Gospel.  Perhaps it has been good to be reminded that our faith can live without buildings.  Can we hold on to this truth for the future?


Saturday 9 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

My soul flies from your hand, O Lord, sent forth to live and grow

Through famine and through plenty, in sunshine and in snow.

In times of trial and worry, of fear or painful testing

I fly alone, as ever  ̶  yet know your hand in blessing.

St Irenaeus described the world as ‘a vale of soul making’. 

How is your soul being shaped by the current crisis?  How do you find the hand of God at work in that?


Friday 8 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

The Lord makes wars cease to the end of the earth;

   he breaks the bow, and shatters the spear;

   he burns the shields with fire.  Psalm 46 verse 9


As we give thanks today for seventy-five years of relative peace,

and remember those who secured it for our continent,

strengthen our resolve to make peace in Europe and in all the world today.

As we see our continent with your eye’s view

there are no divisions or borders,

just blessings of the good and fragile Earth we share;

may we share those blessings in peace, now and ever.


Thursday 7 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Chalice made for the cathedral by Carl Krall in 1902 incorporating items of jewellery donated by members of the cathedral family

We are the work of your hands Lord, and precious in your sight;
precious because you love us and Jesus shed his blood for us.
May we drink the cup of his sacrifice today,
offering ourselves in costly ways to those around us,
mindful that his cup is for us to drink in life, not just in church.

Not receiving Communion in church is felt as a deprivation by many, but we can live its meaning in our lives by offering ourselves in our words and deeds as ‘a living sacrifice’ (Romans 12: 1).


Wednesday 6 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Worcester and Gloucester appear clearly on the Mappa Mundi, but down the centuries Hereford has been almost completely rubbed out by people’s fingers.

 Dear Lord, I remember today everyone who feels rubbed out:

people who are sick or tired,

people who are lost without family or friends,

people whose lack of work has robbed them of purpose,

people who have fallen from sight in the crisis.

Help us all to trust that we are not forgotten, not invisible or rubbed out.

In due time draw us all afresh again.


Do you sometimes feel ‘rubbed out’ in the current situation? 

Hereford is rubbed out on the Mappa Mundi, but very real in the actual world – and so are you to God.


Tuesday 5 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Make me an attentive listener, Lord,

listening with openness and respect to those who speak with me,

understanding what is not said as well as what is.

Give me grace to pay attention to the world around,

hearing and seeing the signs of the times.

Then, when I speak, may I speak with the wisdom that comes to those who listen,

and may I, in my turn, be truly heard.


Am I a good listener, or while the other speaks do I just think about what I will say next? 

Pray for the grace to listen with attention and respect, and so to become wise.


Monday 4 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Ripon Cathedral Crypt, built in 672 AD.

Ancient of Days, help me to see that I matter in my day,

but that my day is one of many in your countless ages.

My life is neither the beginning nor the end of anything,

not a first word or a last word.

May I be happy in my time to live and die,

knowing that you love me with an everlasting love

and will never let me go.


‘The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms’ (Deuteronomy 33: 27). 

Can I rest secure in the knowledge that, whatever happens, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus?



Sunday 3 May | Sarah Hollingdale

‘When I awake, I am still with you.’ Psalm 139:18

When we wake up in the mornings, there is that brief moment when we forget what’s going on outside – then we remember, and it can seem overwhelming.

Lord, thank you that when wake, you are with us. When we remember what’s happening, you are with us. When we get up to face the day, you are still with us.

Saturday 2 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Paint me into being each day O Lord,

with brushstrokes round or flat, big or small.

Where I am too fussy, paint over me with a big brush;

where I am unfocused, tidy me up with delicate detail;

where I have gone wrong, scrape off the paint and try again.

I am your work of art, Lord, and always will be.

God creates us and recreates us all the time; with an artist’s eye he sees where we need correction, and his aim is to make us beautiful.

Can I think of myself as one of God’s works of art?

Friday 1 May | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Concert by Academia del Ricercare in Sant’Andrea, Vercelli, June 2019

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?  (Psalm 137 verse 4)

In this strange land, strange time, strange day,

give me a song to sing, I pray.

Shall I sing you, or you sing me?

I know this is the mystery:

that when I dare my voice in song

I lose myself, and then belong

in body, mind and soul to you

-- so you sing me, and I sing true.


What song can we sing in difficult times?  Can we be the Lord’s song today?


Thursday 30 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Edward King Chapel, Ripon College Cuddesdon

Let me make open space for you within my life, Lord;

clear space,

empty space,

dedicated space,

uncluttered and unfussy,

where I can be with you and you with me.


Is there somewhere, or some time, within each day when you can still yourself and know and feel that God is with you?  How can you hold onto that sense during the rest of the day?


Wednesday 29 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Vines near Sallèles-d'Aude, France, April 2013

As the vines put out new growth each Spring

so may we be made ready to bear good fruit in the days ahead.

Thank you that vines can flourish in poor soil;

thank you that they can withstand drought and flood;

thank you that they can bear winter cold and summer heat;

thank you that they bring forth fruit that is a blessing and a grace.

Tend us, Lord, as the branches of your vine:  

you are the vine and we are the branches;

bless and keep us all this Spring.


Pray that you may be open to God’s quiet feeding of you from within, and that his fruit may be borne for others in your life.


Tuesday 28 April | The Reverend Janet Bellamy

In the tender compassion of our God

  the dawn from on high shall break upon us,

To shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death

  and to guide our feet into the way of peace.

From the Benedictus, Luke1:78-9

Monday 27 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Tree on the skyline near Clehonger (September 2018)

Clothe me, Lord, with leaves of faith and fill me with the sap of grace,

that in the wilderness of these days I might provide strength and shelter to those around me.

Let me be deeply rooted in the soil of life, but always stretching up to you.

In the midst of tribulation sustain me to point others to your providence and love.

May my life be patterned on the tree of the cross, and reveal the tree of life.


Am I able sometimes to encourage, cheer and support those around me in the present moment?

What roots do I have for my own support and nourishment?


Sunday 26 April | Sarah Hollingdale

‘The earth is full of his unfailing love’ Psalm 33:5

Lord, thank you that the earth is full of your love.
Help us to see that today –
Through the kindness of others,
The beauty of your creation,
And the care we have for those around us.

Saturday 25 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Image of St Mark from a 12th-century English Gospel Book in the Cathedral Library, painted by the so-called Alexis Master.

Today we give thanks for St Mark and his Gospel,
energetic and breathless to the last,
a Gospel that ends without a proper ending
except that all of us are the ending,
all of us who can make the Risen Lord known in this world.

How today can I be a living Gospel?
Am I good news to those around me?

Friday 24 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Graham Sutherland's painting "Noli Me Tangere" (Touch Me Not) in the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, Chichester Cathedral

Risen Lord, Mary Magdalen longed to touch you as she met you in the garden,

but you did not allow her.

We too are forbidden from reaching out to touch people we love,

and this is hard.

May we soon have this natural gift restored to us

and know once more what it is to be fully, warmly human.


Are you missing being able to reach out in normal humanity to friend and stranger?

What other things can we do to express that humanity at the present time?


Thursday 23 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Woodcut of St George Slaying the Dragon, from the Life of Saint George (1515)

There are dragons of fear and shame and hurt that paralyse my life.

They rise from the depths when I least suspect and take me in their grip.

When I name them, Lord, and face them out, they cringe and melt away.

Give me the strength of good St George on this and every day!


Can you recognise and name old wounds that still make life hard?

Can you bring them to Christ and ask for healing to begin?


Wednesday 22 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

How beautiful and fragile is the Earth on which we live;

How vast and how mysterious the universe beyond.

Help me, O Lord, to know my smallness in Creation,

and the greatness of your love at its heart.


Can I rest in the knowledge that I am part of something bigger, and that I am not the centre of the universe?

Tuesday 21 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Each April the cathedral gradually becomes hidden from my garden as the leaves of the great lime trees come out; it’s there, but I can no longer see it.  It is disappearing now (photo April 20th).

It’s easy, Lord, to lose sight of you in the confusions of the moment,

as concerns about family, friends and the future fill our minds.

Give us moments of calm and clearness of sight to discern your presence in our lives,

and to know that past, present and future lie always in your hand.

What are your greatest fears at the moment? 

Are they blotting out your sense of God’s love? 

Tell him this simply, and ask for the eyes of your heart to be opened.


Monday 20 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Job Chapter 14, verse 2: ‘Like a flower, he comes forth, then withers away; like a fleeting shadow, he does not endure’.

Lord, these are hard words for me to hear, but today I can’t escape their truth.

Help me to recognise the fleeting nature of this life, and to give thanks that I have life at all.

Strengthen in me the sense that my life belongs to you

and that when death comes I will still be with you

because I belong to you and you love me.

Cast out my fear with the knowledge of your great love.


Has the present crisis made you think more about your own death?  Is that a bad thing?

Sunday 19 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Stones on the beach of St Columba’s Bay, Iona, April 2019

Lord, life’s ocean shapes us by its storms and currents,

it mixes us and leaves us where it will.

Often we are rounded, shaped and polished by that action;

but sometimes we are splintered, chipped and broken.

As life’s ocean churns in the present moment may we know that your hand is at work,

and that the cracks and rough edges of our brokenness will be made smooth in time by your grace.


How have I been roughened by the present experience? 

Can I identify areas of my character which I could pray to be made smoother?


Saturday 18 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

18th-century newel post with its top worn smooth by many hands, 2 The Close

There are things I take for granted,

things I seldom notice,

places where my hand rests many times a day;

In this season of confinement

may I cherish my surroundings

and give thanks for those who made them, Lord I pray.


Is there something you use each day for which you can give thanks? 

Could you appreciate better the silent companions of your home?


Friday 17 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Lord Jesus, the Lamb sacrificed for us and for all the world,

you carry now the cross in triumph, not defeat;

a banner of new life, not a badge of death.

Help us so to pass through the death of these dark and fearful days

that we can find new strength, new purpose and new life to share

when the day of our release occurs.


What am I learning now that might alter how I live in the future?  How will I carry the cross in triumph, not in sorrow?

Lamb of God, from the corbel table of Kilpeck Church, c.1140.   Work of the Herefordshire School of stonemasons.

Thursday 16 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Vøringsfossen waterfall (almost 200 meters high), and the Måbødalen valley stretching away below, Norway


I look to the future, Lord, and see hard places ahead

and a rough and tiring pathway.

Help me to see, too, that sunshine will warm me

and cool water at my side refresh me as I go.

I have everything I need in this valley;

just help me to recognise this and receive your gifts.

What do I fear about the future?  Where do I find blessings in the struggle?

Wednesday 15 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Eardisley Font: the Risen Christ leads Adam out of Hell (early 12th century, Herefordshire School of Romanesque Sculpture)

Easter Lord, drag us out of Hell with Adam.
Your hands are wounded, but they reach out still to us.
Take us by the hand and lead us out of darkness.
Take us by the hand and save us from despair.
Take us by the hand and pull us into safety.
Take us by the hand and never let us go.

We can feel the energy of the Risen Christ in this sculpture. Pray that we may experience the energy of his risen life in our lives today.

Tuesday 14 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin


Emmaus, by Arcabas (Jean-Marie Pirot, d. 2018)

Risen Lord, be with us in the breaking of our bread.

Churches are locked and the Communion Table deserted,

But this does not keep you from us.

You enter the locked doors of our homes and sit with us.

When we break our bread we break it with you.

Open the eyes of our hearts to understand this simple truth.


As we eat in our homes, can we pause to remember the presence of Christ, as close as the food we take?

Monday 13 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Grunewald, Resurrection panel from the Isenheim Altarpiece, c. 1516


Lord Jesus,

Burst forth to meet us in our paralysed and darkened world.

We are heavy and fearful like the soldiers guarding your body,

Like them we miss you when you appear.

In your freedom and joy bring us blessings of life and light.

Raise us in spirit today, and open our hearts and lives to receive the peace you bring.

As you look at this image, pray that the Risen Christ will enter your home with love and peace.


During Holy Week, the Dean will be providing an extended daily reflection with accompanying imagery. To view these please click here.

Saturday 4 April | Sarah Hollingdale, Eastern Cloisters Project

Lord, today we pray for those who cannot be safely at home;
We pray for those in hospital,
For those who wake up in unfamiliar surroundings,
For those who have nowhere to call home,
And for the people who don’t feel safe where they live.

Friday 3 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

My movement in the world is restricted today;

I find myself avoiding people on the street and in the shop;

Being out and about seems a hazard, not a joy.

If I cannot journey freely in the outer world,

Let me now explore within, seeking you.

Help me walk the path of memory and desire;

Order the steps of my life, and the movement of my heart.

Photograph of the labyrinth taken during the Night of the Churches 2019

Thursday 2 April | Erica Manley, Perpetual Trust

A prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, union; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen.

Wednesday 1 April | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

I sit still with you, Lord, in a quieter world.

You know me better than I know myself;

My hopes and fears are always open to you;

The secret of who I am feels safe with you.

In the midst of the world's fears let me to rest with you and find peace.

Photo taken at Barguillean, Argyll

Tuesday 31 March | The Very Revd Michael Tavinor

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

or rejoice because thorns have roses.

Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

Monday 30 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

In the dark I reach towards your light;
In the silence I strain to hear your word;
In my confusion I cling to you for peace,
and in my fragility I lean upon your strength.
Be a support, Lord, for those I hold in my heart.

Sunday 29 March | The Very Revd Michael Tavinor

Today's reflection is from Psalm 121, praying for protection.

The Lord himself is thy keeper: the Lord is thy defence upon thy right hand.
So that the sun shall not burn thee by day:
Neither the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in:
From this time forth for evermore.

Saturday 28 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin.

Lord, there are times when I need propping up and restoring,
Times when I feel my weakness and fragility.
Thank you for those who support and renew me,
Specially those who are supporting me today.
Help me show that I appreciate their care,
And give me insight to see how I can support others.

Friday 27 March | The Very Revd Michael Tavinor

Today's reflection is from Psalm 23.

He shall feed me in a green pasture:
And lead me forth beside the waters of comfort.

Thursday 26 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Lord, help me to bloom where I am planted, and to rise above everything that presses in around me.
Save me from being trodden down by things I cannot control, and make me beautiful in my place and season.

Wednesday 25 March | Revd Janet Bellamy

Calm me, Lord, as you stilled the storm;
Still me, Lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease;
Enfold me, Lord, in your peace.

Celtic Prayer

Tuesday 24 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Young Woman at the Window: Sunset by Henri Matisse

Lord, I’m shut in now, cut off and fearful.
Give me courage and wisdom and patience.
As the sun sets on the life I’ve known
strengthen in me the faith that it will rise again.
Be with those I love, be with those who have
no one to remember them,
Be with the lonely, the anxious, the sick and the frustrated.
Lord, you have known isolation and fear, be with us in ours.

Monday 23 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Lord, I feel shut in and cut off from the life I thought I knew.

My place in the world seems small and colourless.

Let your warmth and light shine into my shrunken soul

So that I can be illuminated and expanded within.

In the prison of the present times show me that there is a bright world beyond.

Sunday 22 March | The Revd Prebendary Ann Barge

As we watch and wait in these strange, uncertain times
May we find comfort in the obedience of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Who knew all that it means to be human watching, waiting and pondering
As she handed over her precious Son Jesus to be the light and hope for this world.

Saturday 21 March | The Very Revd Michael Tavinor

Today the Dean has provided us with a prayer by Sir Francis Drake reflecting on the idea of patience.

O Lord God, when thou givest to thy servants to endeavour any great matter, grant us also to know that it is not the beginning, but the continuing of the same to the end, until it be thoroughly finished, which yieldeth the true glory; through him who for the finishing of thy work laid down his life, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Friday 20 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Lord, pour your love into my heart,

Clear and clean and fresh.

So fill me with your love that I may pour it out for others In compassion and in service in these dark days.

What I receive from you is not mine to keep, but yours to share; may I share it for the healing of the world.

Thursday 19 March | The Revd Canon Chris Pullin

Lord, I feel lost in the world,

Stripped bare of certainty,

Dried up and barren.

Help me turn to the warmth of your love

And reach out to your presence each new day.