Hereford Cathedral is delighted to announce that it will be staging its own theatrical production of the Passion in March 2024.

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To be added to the waiting list in case of returned tickets please email [email protected] with your contact details and preferred evening. Please note that resale tickets will only be available via the Cathedral.

The Hereford Passion will be performed by members of the local community and share the story of Jesus’ final days, leading to the crucifixion. The production, which will take place in the nave of Hereford Cathedral on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March 2024, will be directed by the Revd Canon Chancellor James Pacey who joined the cathedral in June. 

Prior to joining the team at Hereford, James worked as a Hospital Chaplain at Nottingham University Hospitals and, before ordination, was a theatre director. James is no stranger to directing the Passion, having directed five previous performances in Newark, Cambridge, Nottingham and in the cathedral church of Southwell Minster.

The Revd Canon Chancellor James Pacey said, “I’m really looking forward to bringing the Passion to Hereford. Previous productions have been wonderful experiences and performing this epic  story within the beautiful and historic architecture of Hereford Cathedral is a dream come true.

We have a very talented cast from across Herefordshire and the whole production has a real sense of being staged by the community, for the community. We’re all really excited for audiences to see what we’re working on and we are keen to invite everyone: whether they are committed Christians who want to experience a fresh take on these events or people who might be wondering what all the fuss over Easter is about.”  

The Very Revd Sarah Brown, Dean of Hereford, said, “I am really excited to enable James to bring his vision to life here. For almost 1350 years the Cathedral has been at the centre of city and diocese as a centre of Christian worship, learning and community life and it seems highly appropriate that we can retell the moving story of Christ’s passion in drama together with participants from across the community. This is a story for all of us that moves and changes Christians and non-Christians alike and upon which many of the assumptions underpinning our society today still rest.

 “For those of faith the passion (or time of suffering) of Jesus points directly to the love of God for each one of us- for others it is an extraordinary and powerful drama more than equal to any other. I look forward very much to what I hope will become a regular fixture in the Cathedral year, and hope that you will feel inspired to join in or come to watch the story unfold.”

Read more about how rehearsals for the Hereford Passion are going here.

The Hereford Passion will take place in the nave of Hereford Cathedral on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March 2024 at 7.30pm. Tickets are available to purchase from the cathedral website.

 Image Credit: The Hereford Passion c. Caroline Potter, Hereford Cathedral