The Revd Prebendary Dr John Daniels will deliver the annual Ethelbert lecture in the Lady Chapel on Tuesday 21 May at 4 pm.

Next week we will be celebrating the Feast Day of St Ethelbert and marking the occasion with our annual lecture. This year’s lecture After Adam: ethics, transhumanism and Christian faith is given by the Revd Prebendary Dr John Daniels and will explore how developing technology will impact on Christian faith.

John Daniels has been an Anglican priest since 1992, latterly serving as Local Ministry Officer and Warden of Readers in Hereford Diocese. His background is in earth sciences, having gained a PhD in Physical Oceanography in the 1980s. Following a brief period as a software engineer, he completed his ordination training with a Master’s degree in Religious Studies. John’s academic interests over the years have been wide-ranging. His main concern throughout his ministry has been to help ordinary Christians better understand various facets of the times we live in, and to think through what an authentic Christian response might look like.

Revd Prebendary Dr John Daniels, said: “Human augmentation by means of technology is already becoming a reality around us. If what it means to be human is changing, what will it then mean to live well – and should Christians accept an upgrade? 

Everyone is welcome to attend this free lecture which will take place in the Lady Chapel on Tuesday 21 May at 4pm. Complimentary refreshments will be served in the retro-choir at 3.30pm.