Friday 21 October: Day 1

8.30 pm EST

I’m delighted to say that we finally arrived safe and sound (if rather tired) at St Andrew’s Church in Pittsburgh after 22 hours in a coach, on a plane or hanging around at airports. A good night’s sleep beckons...

Saturday 22 October: Day 2

It’s a new day and everything seems so much better after some sleep. It’s straight into rehearsal at 9 am at Calvary Episcopal Church and I can hear Langlais’s Messe solennelle wafting through the building as I write this.



After lunch, the choristers went off on a Ducky Tour. These use a World War Two amphibious vehicle known as a DUKW and go around the centre of Pittsburgh, which is at the confluence of three rivers.

That evening, the choir gave a concert in the church and received a standing ovation at the end.

Sunday 23 October: Day 3

This morning the choir sang Eucharist at St Andrew's to a very appreciative congregation, and only two choristers managed to forget their robes. Lunch followed (pizza!), with a quick run around the garden afterwards. Rehearsal for Evensong is beginning in a few minutes, so more later.

Monday 24 October: Day 4

Today's a travelling day, which got off to a very early start, leaving St Andrew's at 7.15 am. Heavy traffic delayed the journey to the airport, and we made our flight by the skin of our teeth. We are now on the coach from Baton Rouge to Alexandria and have just passed a 'nodding donkey' oil well.