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Magna Carta Celebrations 2015

Cathedral To Play Huge Role

In commemoration of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015, Hereford Cathedral celebrates the sealing of this historic document through a year of exciting exhibitions, colourful banners, pop up displays, ‘hands on’ interactive and displays of original documents and artefacts, featuring the Cathedral’s own 1217 Magna Carta.


The exhibitions tell the story of Magna Carta, its legacy, and the part Hereford and the people of the Marches played in its making, looking at life in the 13th century and charting the turbulent conflict between the Plantagenet kings and their subjects.


Illuminated manuscripts from the Cathedral's chained library illustrate the law and justice of the time, and are displayed alongside other documents from the reign of King John and his son, Henry III.  Find out how the Hereford bishops, Giles de Braose and Thomas Cantilupe (St Thomas of Hereford), played a crucial role in the story as well as William Marshall and Pope Innocent III. 


Full details about all the events going on at Hereford Cathedral can be found right here.