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Educational visits for schools and colleges are an important part of the work of the cathedral. We welcome students of all ages and invite them to experience the very special atmosphere of our cathedral building where prayer is still offered today, as it has been over the centuries.

Primary Schools

Among other opportunities, primary school children are able to enjoy workshops and educational trails, meet with famous costumed characters from the cathedral’s past, including Henry VIII, and dress in period costume themselves. We also invite classes to explore the Hereford Mappa Mundi, to visit the Chained Library, and to have a go at calligraphy or designing and illuminating letters in the style of some of our medieval manuscripts. Additionally, we are always happy to plan visits to suit your needs.

Secondary Schools

Our standard visits for KS3 pupils complement Religious Studies and History programmes, and we also organise bespoke conferences to support GCSE Religious Studies. Additionally, the cathedral offers opportunities for learning outside the classroom in many other subject areas including maths, science, English and art. We are always happy to help teachers plan their own visits.

Workshops for KS 1, 2 and 3

We have a number of different workshops that can be included in your visit.

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For more information please use the links at the top of the page or contact William Talbot-Ponsonby, Head of Schools and Family Learning, on 01432 374256 or [email protected].