Fun things to do at Hereford Cathedral.

Entertaining the family during weekends and holidays can be hard, however let us help you! There are many things you can do here at Hereford Cathedral some of which are free!

Here are some fun things you can do here at Hereford Cathedral :


Entry is FREE to Hereford Cathedral, and there are a few exciting ways you can make your way around.  We have a FREE FAMLY TRAIL which you can pick up on your way in OR go digital and download the Rapscallion App from your app store. (Useem app)  Donations are of course always welcome and go towards maintaining this beautiful building.  Why not visit the café for a lunch or even take away if the sun is shining and eat in the Lady arbour.   Share a picture with us of your favourite part of the trail on social media @herefordcathedral (facebook) or @hfdcathedral (instagram)


Grab our free Dragons, Beasts and Pilgrims leaflet and follow the trail to discover the hidden carvings around the Cathedral.   Don’t miss our amazing apple tree mosaic at the west end, as you make your way around.  Then grab a coffee or hot chocolate from our Cathedral Café, and take a walk around our beautiful outside surroundings here at Hereford Cathedral.  Look out for the dates carved into the kerb stones around the perimeter which tell the story of how the cathedral has evolved throughout the years, and finally take a seat and admire Elgar as he gazes at the cathedral.  If you're happy to, why not grab an Elgar selfie with the cathedral in view and tag us @hfdcathedral  - Instagram or @herefordcathedral – Facebook.  



Grab a sketchbook, or some plain paper and some pens, pencils or whatever drawing materials you have at home. Find something in the Cathedral you like the look of.  There are many creatures and animals sculpted around the space from pigs, to Badgers and Eagles.  Create some pictures of your favourite things you can see. We always LOVE to see what you've created, so make sure you take some pictures and send them to us, or tag us on social media. 


    Our Tower Tours take place on certain dates throughout the year beginning usually in Summer, but sometimes are available in half terms at February and the Easter Holiday break.   They offer an exciting adventure up through the winding side stairs of the cathedral, taking in the bell ringing chamber, dramatic views down into the Cathedral, and culminate in the best views of Hereford from the roof top of the tower.  Suggested age for enjoying the experience is 8+.

    Tower tour dates

    Tours cost just £6 for Students, and £3 for children under 16.  Arrive early and grab a ticket from the Cathedral shop, then feel free to browse the shop, or grab a coffee in the café as you await your adventure. Extend your time after the tour by picking up our FREE Through the Keyhole leaflet from our welcome desk and take a tour around the building to find our secret doors, keyholes and locks.  

    Why not continue the fun at home later and build some towers from shoe or cereal boxes.  Share your creations with us by tagging us on social media @hfdcathedral  - Instagram or @herefordcathedral – Facebook.