Join us from home for this year's Christingle Nativity Service featuring the students from St Thomas Cantilupe Primary School!

To support our socially distanced seating in the cathedral we have had to reduce numbers at this year's in person service so we have created this video to make sure no one misses out on one of our favourite services of the year!

Each year the collection at our Christingle service helps to support the work of The Children's Society and this year, if you are able to, we are inviting people to make a donation online:

We would like to say a huge thank you to Academia Musica for their help in recording the carols used in this video and to St Thomas Cantilupe Primary School for singing along and performing and reading wonderfully!

If you would like to make a Christingle ready for the service, please watch the below video to help.

You will need:

A good sized orange

Red tape or ribbon

4 cocktail sticks

Dried fruit and sweets (the softer the better)

Tin foil

Small candle (a birthday candle and holder will work)

And a grown up to help!