“The Human One” is a series of oil paintings that explore the Life, Death and Resurrection, of Jesus, the Christ. They were painted by Jeremy Thomas, artist in residence at St. Mary’s Priory, Abergavenny and have since toured the country, visiting everything from small community churches to huge Cathedrals. 

Each painting is an invitation to become immersed in the Gospel story. They are full of hidden details, secrets, connections  and symbolism. 

Alongside the paintings Jeremy has produced a series of 150 highly detailed ink illustrations based on the book of Psalms. These images are a chaotic spectrum of emotions that can be both challenging and deeply moving, they foretell the coming of the Messiah, His Life, Trials, Torture and His eventual Death and Resurrection.  

For the first time Jeremy will be exhibiting the Full “Human One” Exhibition alongside a collection from the book of Psalms in the hope that they will encapsulate another hugely important aspect of the life and teachings of Christ.

Jeremy will be visiting the Cathedral regularly throughout the exhibition and will be talking about his work and demonstrating techniques such as the application of gold leaf on some of his psalm illustrations. All are welcome to explore the images and say hello to the artist on the following days:

Wednesday 28 February (Afternoon only)
Monday 11 March
Tuesday 12 March
Friday 15 March
Friday 22 March