An advent course led by Revd Dr Maureen Palmer

Advent is a time of hope for the world, for the Church and for our own faith. This hope has been symbolized for us by the preparation of an Advent Wreath, which has five candles: three purple and one pink and in the centre a large white candle. The first candle represents the Patriarchs, the second symbolizes the prophets. John the Baptist is celebrated by the third, while in the fourth week we give thanks for the Virgin Mary. The white candle is lit at the First Mass of Christmas to symbolize the coming of the Light of the World.

So, in this Course we shall examine the lives of the three Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and in the last session the role of the wives of the Patriarchs, Sarah and Hagar, Rebekah and Leah and Rachael. Each brings hope to the ‘chosen people’ as the advent candles do for us today.

This course consists of four sessions (10.30 am to 12noon) on the following dates:

Friday 19 November

Friday 26 November 

Friday 3 December

Friday 10 December

This event is part of the Life & Learning programme. Tickets cost £8 per session and can be purchased from the Cathedral Library: [email protected] or call 01432 374 225/6