Retreat led by Revd Canon Dr Maureen Palmer

The beginning of the new Church year and the preparation for us to receive the Incarnate Christ calls for us to reconsider our own lives. I invite you to go down to the potter’s house and watch the potter creating and recreating his pots; coping with their fractures and imperfections, while all the times filling them with the treasure of his love and grace and helping them to recognize the treasure that they hold.


Session 1. Moulded by God into ‘Realness’

Session 2. Fractures to become ‘Real’

Session 3. Meditation ‘Blemished perfection’: a study using the story of Job

Session 4. ‘Treasure in Earthen Vessels’

We shall meet in The Old Chapel: lunch may be ordered from the Cathedral Café or you may provide your own. Coffee and tea will be provided. Please bring a Bible with you – whichever version you are happy with.

This event is part of the Life & Learning programme. This event is free with a suggested donation of £5 in cash on the day.

This is a Life & Learning event. This event will take place in the Old Chapel. Spaces for this retreat is limited so please contact the Library and Archives team to reserve a space:  email [email protected] or call 01432 374 225/6