An immersive tribute to Hans Zimmer and John William's most iconic music with a live chamber orchestra in the enchanting candle-lit setting of Hereford Cathedral.

There will be two concerts on Wednesday 8 March 2023:

Early Concert:

Doors Open 17:30

Start Time 18:15

End Time 19:30

Late Concert: 

Doors Open 20:00

Start Time 20:30

End Time 21:45

To purchase tickets for the late concert please follow the link below and you will be directed to an external box office. Details for the early concert can be found here. 


1 hour and 15 minutes jam packed with cinema's most iconic music, beautifully performed by a live chamber orchestra, including:

- E.T.

- Indiana Jones

- Harry Potter

- Artificial Intelligence

- A Prayer for Peace

- Pearl Harbour

- Gladiator

- Inception

- Sayuri's Theme

- The Dark Knight

- Batman V Superman

- Man of Steel

- Pirates of the Caribbean