Glyn Morgan, Chapter Clerk of Hereford Cathedral and the Chief Executive of Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust, was recognised in the New Year Honours list by being appointed an MBE for services to Hereford Cathedral and the community in Herefordshire.

‘I am obviously tremendously touched by the honour and grateful to those who put my name forward,’ said Glyn. 

‘What we have been able to achieve at the cathedral has however only been through and with the amazing support of so many – the Chapter and trustees, not least those of the Perpetual Trust, my dedicated and committed colleagues, and the tremendous team of volunteers, friends and supporters. So much has been achieved but this has only been possible through the generosity of others.’

‘The cathedral is an extraordinary place, and whether through its music, architecture or the history contained in its library and archives, it inspires and drives people to care for it. One of the most wonderful moments is to see a young child enter and the sense of awe and wonder in what they see or hear.’

In congratulating him the Dean of Hereford said, ‘I am delighted that Glyn has been included in the New Year’s Honours list. He has served Hereford Cathedral and its wider community with distinction over many years, and has been responsible, with his team, for raising the profile of the cathedral in an entirely creative and positive way.’

‘As Chief Executive of Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust he has given donors confidence that their support for the cathedral is wisely administered and that the cathedral is something well worth fighting for and preserving – not just as a magnificent historic building, but as a place with people at its very heart. It is this balance between seeing the cathedral as a wonderful building and as a centre of the community for people from all walks of life which Glyn has so ably pursued and for which he is rightly honoured.’

Glyn has been involved with the cathedral since the 1990s, becoming a trustee of the Perpetual Trust before stepping in to act as the Trust Secretary in a voluntary capacity for 16 months. In late 2001 he was appointed to the post, which has since been changed into that of Chief Executive. In July 2015 he was appointed the Chapter Clerk and the Chapter’s Chief Executive in a new combined role with the Trust.

During that time he has been involved with and responsible for aspects of projects that have included the restoration of the Cathedral Close and the cathedral’s new interior lighting, along with negotiating and coordinating the exhibition of the Hereford Magna Carta at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Texas (2014) and its subsequent world tour in the later part of 2015.

‘Some of the other highlights are less high profile,’ said Glyn, ‘such as being able to attend a glorious Choral Evensong in the depths of our winter months with our remarkable choir or, when walking through the cathedral, coming across a group of school children with our education  team and seeing the look of wonder on their faces at what they are doing. Small moments like that can be very special and remind you why we all work so hard to keep this place going, though I must admit that the rolling road blocks with police outriders, supposedly with a tracking police helicopter, as we took the Magna Carta into Malta will be one of the more memorable moments!’

In addition to his work at the cathedral Glyn is a council member and former vice-president of the Three Counties Agricultural Society and is a board member of the Hereford Enterprise Zone, Rotherwas (Skylon Park), as well as being a member of a number of other local and national committees. He is also a former parish councillor and church warden at Peterchurch, and a former vice-president of Herefordshire Young Farmers Club and a member of Golden Valley YFC.