Hereford College of Art Exhibition, on display in the cathedral from Monday 16 May until Saturday 25 June

Hereford College of Arts Foundation and Portfolio students responded to a brief titled ‘Who are we, who are ‘they’?’, examining themes of values and the human condition which coincided with the Cathedral exhibition, Strangers: World views and marginalizing the ‘Other’.

There is a diverse and varied response to this brief covering a range of media - installation, photography, print, textiles, video, ceramics, metalwork, mixed media and painting. The subject matter is as rich and wide-ranging as the materials and processes.

One example is a collaboration whereby two students brought it to a personal level, looking at the boundaries between them, and whether they could be completely challenged and deconstructed. They responded to each other by drawing and interpreting stories that they told each other and what they learnt from this process. Ultimately what they discovered through forced closeness, was how importance independence is. This resulted in a performance celebrating togetherness between individuals, showing you can come together without being the same. 

Another student used digital and traditional media, interviewing people about their early memories, their favourite memories and memories that caused them pain, as a way to explore how people view their past in contrast to how he viewed his. By getting to know his interviewees, he felt he straddled ‘we’ and ‘they’, that one developed into the other, rather than them being separate concepts. A series of photographs were composed to evoke an emotional reaction in connection to what they were talking about.

This exhibition will be on display during normal opening hours, in the North Transept and the Crypt. No admission charges apply.