The aim of this session is to provide an informed overview of the Welsh language and its culture. Welsh has been continuously spoken for some 1500 years, including in western parts of Herefordshire well into the nineteenth century.

It has one of the oldest continuous literary traditions in Europe. We will survey the history of the language in Britain from Roman times to the present, noting its contrasting relationship with Latin and English. We will investigate personal names and place names as well as looking at some of the basics of the language itself: its alphabet, sentence structure and system of mutations.

This introductory session aims to provide a secure foundation on which a personal exploration of Welsh language and culture can subsequently be pursued. Suggestions for further study will be provided.

This event is part of the Life & Learning programme and will take place in the Reading Room. Tickets cost £8 – booking is essential via the Cathedral Library on 01432 374 225/6 or by emailing [email protected]