Our Spring special exhibition ‘Uncovered’ shares secrets recently discovered by some of the researchers who work with our books and documents. Some of this research uses the latest scientific techniques to reveal information which cannot be seen by the naked eye; some of it brings knowledge gained from years of research to the interpretation of a single document.

Professor Richard Gameson of Durham University is the leading expert on the Hereford Gospels. He is a member of ‘Team Pigment’, an interdisciplinary group of chemists and book historians which uses laser spectroscopy and other techniques to identify the precise pigments used in medieval manuscript illuminations. His team has analysed Mappa Mundi, as well as the Hereford Gospels and several of our other manuscripts.

Tickets are £8 per person. Booking is essential, and may be made via the cathedral library: 01432 374225/6 or email.