‘Honi Soit’ and All That! A talk about The Order of the Garter with Derek Trumper

The cathedral houses the tomb of Sir Richard Pembridge, an early Knight of the Garter. Above his tomb hung his helm – until the cathedral ‘let it go’ in the 1870s. That helmet is now in the National Museum of Scotland. A replica has been lent to the cathedral, however, and will be on display in the autumn.

Derek Trumper, formerly a leading guide at St George’s Chapel Windsor (home of the Order of the Garter), will speak about the order’s life in the time of Pembridge and its developments up to the present day. Derek’s informative and amusing lectures are much enjoyed and not to be missed.

This lecture will take place in College Hall, tickets are £8 and must be booked in advance. To book, contact the Cathedral Library by phone: (01432) 374225 / 374226 or email: [email protected]