Herefordshire Life Through a Lens: The Photos

Religious life

This multi-venue exhibition is the only retrospective of Derek Evans’ work ever to be held. Many of the images on display have not been exhibited for over 50 years, and some may have never been seen before, outside of the darkroom. Catcher Media are showing original exhibition prints and images have been digitised and then printed, from negatives or test prints that are part of the huge Evans archive held at Hereford Archive and Records Centre (HARC). Each exhibition reveals a different facet of Derek’s work, so we encourage you to visit as many of the venues as you can.

Religious life in Herefordshire is richly represented in the Derek Evans archive. From the stately Cathedral, a monastic Belmont, the nuns of Poor Clare’s, and of course the delightful Holy Trinity pet services, Evans captured them, and their devotion, beautifully. Again and again with many of these images, we are reminded that these are not just photographs, they are stories. But, unlike the conventional story, they have no neat ending or dénouement. Instead they invite more enquiry, more questions... and for what we are about to see, we should be really grateful. 

This exhibition is located in the North Aisle of the cathedral