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Scaffolding returns to the tower of Hereford Cathedral

Although scaffolding is briefly returning to the tower of Hereford Cathedral, locals need not fear that is returning for another 40 years, as it did when it went up in the 1960s. ‘The work which we are doing on the one pinnacle is quite minor,’ said Glyn Morgan of Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust, ‘though with all the scaffolding it does look quite dramatic.’


The top few stones of the north-east pinnacle, which is above the masons’ yard, was restored in the 1980s and have started to work themselves loose. The top few layers of stonework will be removed and a metal rod inserted into the centre of the pinnacle, which will then act as a pin through the top stones.


‘Although the masonry work is quite minor, the location of the it obviously meant it was something which could not be ignored. The need for extensive scaffolding does however mean that it has turned into a major piece of unexpected expenditure. It will be costing us around £10,000 to repair,’ said Glyn. ‘We would be delighted to hear from anyone who might be interested in contributing to the project and supporting our other on-going restoration work.’


The Perpetual Trust, which supports the restoration of the cathedral and the cathedral choir, can be contacted on 01432 374261 or by email